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Heagarty 4 Schools

Wake County School Board District 7

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School Board Meetings


Wake County School Board Meetings are recorded and can be found on YouTube at: Wake County Public School System Channel.  Meeting calendars and agendas can be found at: Wake County School Board Page.

Areas of Impact


  • Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Strengthening Counseling & Career Resources
  • Improving School Facilities & Reducing Overcrowding
  • Restoring Teacher and School Staff Pay
  • Strong Magnet School and  School Calendar Options

How We Work


Digging deeper than headline and political rhetoric, everyone needs to understand the public school system's budget, so that we can make responsible decisions. Suggestions to "cut wasteful spending" or "spend more for education" without providing detail don't result in meaningful change. Learn more about the school system's finances here: 

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School Board Mailing Address

For academic matters

School Board Mail: 5625 Dillard Drive, Cary, NC 27518

Campaign Mailing Address

Campaign Mail: Heagarty 4 Schools, PO Box 987, Raleigh, NC 27602