About Chris Heagarty

Areas of Impact

  • Restoring Teacher and School Staff Pay
  • Raising Awareness about Vaping and Youth Suicide Prevention
  • Strengthening Counseling & Career Resources
  • Improving School Facilities & Reducing Overcrowding
  • Building Strong Magnet School and School Calendar Options
  • Increasing Transparency and Public Records Access
  • Working to Improve Collaboration with Local Governments

A Supporter of Public Schools:

I am a forty-plus year resident of Wake County, a product of local WCPSS schools – York Elementary, Daniels (now Oberlin) Middle School and Enloe High School. I am also an active involved parent of two public school students, and I have served as a PTA officer and volunteer.  

I have a proven record supporting of public education. As a legislator I sponsored legislation promoting STEM programs and civics education, legislation to increase the child care tax credit, and legislation to protect children from on-line predators and identify theft; and I was endorsed by local teachers.

An Experienced Advocate:

I am a volunteer in the community, working for years with Wake County PAGE to provide enrichment activities for gifted children, and helping parents advocate for the services their children need.

 I am a dedicated mentor and instructor for youth – a past youth league coach, Sunday school teacher and youth group leader, a volunteer with the county spelling bee, and an AAU volunteer scorekeeper and announcer.

In support of active, healthy youth, I work professionally to provide financial assistance to help students in low wealth families attend active, outdoor summer camps and nature programs.

I have had a long career in government advocacy, speaking out about important issues to municipal, county, and state governments and helping families navigate bureaucracy and regulations.